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July 31, 2019

Refutation of Abu Iyaad

In this series we will dissect, deconstruct and probe the PDFs authored by one of the heads of SalafiPublications, Amjad Rafiq – particularly his pseudo-polemical writings/refutations/PDFs against Mohammed Hijab. His philosophical incoherence, vacuity, contradictions and double standards will be unequivocally elucidated, pressing the pseudo-scholar (who’s in fact a layman, with his professed qualifications not extending beyond erroneous self-evaluation) to either recant from what he’s advanced against Mohammed Hijab or reveal himself as an unrepentant, spiteful character.

Note: we are not documented to ever utilise ad-hominems in our exchanges, but we’re forced to in this instance due to our opponent’s approach (from the very onset-hitherto). Our incompetent opponent, on the other hand, seldom (if ever) writes an article against any daa’ee that’s vitriol-free. For part one of this series, download and read the PDF below:

February 6, 2018

The Problems With Liberalism

Liberalism, like many other ideologies, has existed in different political contexts. Many of these contexts have had contradictory self-identified starting points. Today, the term ‘liberal democracy’ is used to refer to most (if not all) political systems that claim to be ‘liberal’.

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