April 29, 2022


نظم الفقير إلى عفو ربه الغن ي علي بن إسماعيل القديمي الشافعي غفر الله له ولوالديه وللمسلمي ن

April 27, 2021

Evidences for the truth of Islam

Imagine going to sleep on your bed and waking up on a boat.

What are the first questions you are going to ask those around you?

How did I get here?

What am I doing here?

Where am I going?

These are important questions to ask because you have been thrown onto the boat. The boat is moving forward, and you want to know where it is going. Your curiosity in this regard is valid.

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June 29, 2020

Maslaha – Common Interest

In contemporary times, the Usuli legal maxim of Maslahah has become increasingly relevant to the public discourse. This is especially the case in both colonial and post-colonial times as there emerged a number of thinkers, like Mohammed Abdu and Mohammed Rashid Rida who used this maxim to make a sociological or even a political case for ‘Islamic Reform’. Perhaps the reason why such thinkers, and others like them, utilise this particular maxim is because of its practical malleability and susceptibility to subjective value judgements. In terms of definition Lisan Al Arab defines Maslaha as ‘manfa’ah’ meaning ‘utility’.The word itself comes from the etymological root word ‘salaha’ meaning fixing or amending’ (Ibn Manthoor:1980). Terminologically, Al-Ghazali defines Maslaha as promoting welfare and removing harms (Al-Ghazali, 2008:480). Having said this, this essay will focus on the following.

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July 31, 2019

Refutation of Abu Iyaad

In this series we will dissect, deconstruct and probe the PDFs authored by one of the heads of SalafiPublications, Amjad Rafiq – particularly his pseudo-polemical writings/refutations/PDFs against Mohammed Hijab. His philosophical incoherence, vacuity, contradictions and double standards will be unequivocally elucidated, pressing the pseudo-scholar (who’s in fact a layman, with his professed qualifications not extending beyond erroneous self-evaluation) to either recant from what he’s advanced against Mohammed Hijab or reveal himself as an unrepentant, spiteful character.

Note: we are not documented to ever utilise ad-hominems in our exchanges, but we’re forced to in this instance due to our opponent’s approach (from the very onset-hitherto). Our incompetent opponent, on the other hand, seldom (if ever) writes an article against any daa’ee that’s vitriol-free. For part one of this series, download and read the PDF below:

February 6, 2018

The Problems With Liberalism

Liberalism, like many other ideologies, has existed in different political contexts. Many of these contexts have had contradictory self-identified starting points. Today, the term ‘liberal democracy’ is used to refer to most (if not all) political systems that claim to be ‘liberal’.

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