When Bullies Get Bullied

This is a short clip of a thug getting what he deserves in speakers corner after showing violent behaviour.

The dawn breaks high behind the towering and serrated wall of the Cordillera, a clear-cut vision of dark peaks rearing their steep slopes on a lofty pedestal of forest rising from the very edge of the shore. Amongst them the white head of Higuerota rises majestically upon the blue. Bare clusters of enormous.

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  1. A Muslimah says:

    May Allah bless you for the Amazing work you are doing. We are so blessed to have someone like you in our ummah, with your knowledge and intellect, Alhamdulillah. Your love and passion for Islam just shows what a righteous person you are. A very humble person, you admit to mistakes you make. You use destructive criticism in a constructive way, MashaAllah. A perfect role model. May Allah always keep you like this, may he protect you, give you success, forgive your sins and grant you Jannah, Ameen 🤲🏼

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